The Redi PilI stands for Veganism and promotes a plant-based lifestyle since 2016 to introduce people to a healthier mindset & lifestyle.

I am living a vegan/plant-based lifestyle the best way I can. By living a couple of years vegan I came about an idea to make vegan sneakers because all my sneakers/shoes were leather and because I stopped eating animals, the thought came to stop wearing them too.

So I threw out all my leather product that I had or gave them away.
At that point I saw that there weren't many sneakers and clothes left that I liked to wear.

So I thought if you want to see things different, be the difference.
And started drawing sneakers, shoes, clothes and jackets with in mind everything should be vegan and or sustainable, I wanted to start a brand that is vegan, recycled or recyclable and sustainable from the start.

2018 I went to Chamber of commerce and started The Redi Pill.
The name is based on the option in the movie " The Matrix " where the red pill is the choice of the truth and awakening out of the Matrix.
Thats what The Redi Pill stands for.

A honest brand growing fast to be a big urban vegan high-end company, that only uses vegan materials, makes High-end products and showing veganism & awareness in luxurious streetwear.

Most of the products are produced in Europe and some of the materials come from Mexico. The sneakers are made by hand in a small town in Portugal.
I also use recyclable or recycled materials as much as I can in all products/items and still looking for more sustainable materials along the way.

Through out this proces I came across my now compagnon Ger
aldo that is living a lacto-vegetarian lifestyle since 2018, we met again based on spirituality and he is learning more & more about it daily, with great knowledge about the Quran & Bible he speaks the truth and explains him self greatly. We've been working together ever since.