Vajra Dua

 Provides you with:

  • Limited color “Vajra Dua” sneaker.
  • Vajra Dua” wearable in the Metaverse (when possible).
  • Gift box.
  • Options for an extra stream of passive income.
  • NFT is your ticket to The Redi Pill insides.


The “Vajra Dua” Sneaker.

Is a limited highend vegan sneaker that is made by the head designer from The Redi Pill and with one of the best Orthopedic shoemakers from the Netherlands.

To make the sneaker comfortable.

It’s made from high quality vegan leather and sustainable as possible.

The colourway is a limited colourway that will be known by the buyer when he gets his physical gift box and sneaker “Like a mystery gift box surprise”.

Their will only be 5 limited colourways from this model.

That means 200 in 1 unique colourway times 5 that end up in 1000 limited pairs in 5 unique colourways that will never come back.


When the Metaverse is done and we will have our avatars in it. We will make a 3D version that will be capable to wear in the Metaverse.


The Giftbox

Is filled with gifts that will be a Surpise.


Option for passive income

When you join our discord group, we will immediately give you the instructions to earn yourself a passive in come and join the others that are benefiting from it.


NFT Ticket

Your NFT is your unique ticket to insides of The Redi Pill like access to buy samples or prototypes of new sneakers, tracksuits, hoodies, jeans, T-shirts, belts, bags and accessories.
You will be one of the first to see & have the change to buy everything we design and will produce.

Also will it be your special ticket with its own benefits to the events, lectures, parties and much more that we will organize.

Enjoy the benefits, we love your support!! 
And Walk Fearless.


Are you “Redi”?