About us

The Redi Pill works daily as an urban vegan company to improve the mental and physical health of the people in the urban communities. The information they share is to raise awareness and also give options to generate multiple streams of income.

They stand for veganism, sustainably, truth which they believe is the key for mental health, physical health and the expansion of consciousness.

By fulfilling their passion that is designing & producing luxury street fashion that’s completely vegan and as sustainable possible, they make veganism more accessible & acceptable in the urban communities so that the people that want to be more conscious, spiritual aware and want more out of life have an extra option via The Redi Pill.

One of their motivations is to make their designer sneakers & shoes as comfortable as possible, that’s why they work with one of the best orthopedic shoemakers in The Netherlands.

The Amsterdam based Company knows a lot about the fast & night lifestyle and uses their knowledge & experience to connect with the people.

Ever since 2018 when the company was founded the main mission is to show the youth that you can let your creative mind be a source of income next to being an athlete, celebrity or choosing for a life of crime.

They are manifesting their intentions & projects step by step and have more to come, it’s a steady & fastly growing company that will grow out to be one of the greats.

To sum it up, street fashion, awareness & passive income options.


The Redi Pill uses their passion for luxury street fashion as a tool to inspire and strive more out of life while looking & feeling wonderful and live each day as the blessing it is.

Live life the way the God within you intended. 

Are you “Redi”?